GBI’s Oregon Region Holds Its Annual All-Hands Safety Meeting

GBI Oregon All-Hands Meeting 2023

Goodfellow Bros. (GBI) Oregon Region recently held its All-Hands Safety Meeting on Friday, June 30, 2023. The event took place at the Prologis Park job site on Jennifer Street in Happy Valley, Oregon. With the aim of promoting a culture of safety and continuous improvement, the meeting brought together employees from across the region for a day of interactive training and recognition.

The meeting kicked off bright and early with a morning stretch and flex session. This activity set the tone for the day, emphasizing the importance of physical well-being and preparedness on the job.

At the event, attendees participated in hands-on training sessions that covered various safety topics, including fall protection, shoring, safety helmets, and more. These interactive sessions provided practical knowledge and empowered employees to implement best practices in their daily work.

United Rentals played a pivotal role as a key supporter of the event, contributing significantly to the comprehensive learning experience. In addition to their hands-on training stations, United Rentals showcased their new composite material products for road construction. This presentation kept attendees up to date with the latest industry advancements and provided an opportunity to explore innovative solutions that enhance safety and efficiency on construction sites. Collaborations with industry leaders such as United Rentals demonstrate GBI’s commitment to staying at the forefront of safety practices and encouraging industry-wide collaboration.

The presence of representatives from Tenna and Associated General Contractors (AGC) further enriched the meeting. Their participation underscored the commitment of these organizations to promoting safety and fostering collaboration within the industry. By partnering with like-minded entities, GBI reinforces its dedication to creating a safe working environment and setting the highest standards for safety practices.

A highlight of the event was the presentation of the Monthly Employee Recognition Safety Awards by Kevin Smudrick, Director of Safety at GBI. These awards recognized individuals who consistently prioritize safety and contribute to the overall well-being of everyone on GBI job sites. Each recipient was honored with a certificate, lapel pin, and personal letter from Chad Goodfellow, CEO of GBI, acknowledging their unwavering commitment to safety.

“As I reflect on Oregon’s Safety Week and the incredible dedication of our teams, I want to recognize and highlight the outstanding participation, discussions, and exercises that took place each morning throughout the week covering crucial subjects such as emergency response, working around known utilities, mental health awareness, and the distinction between hard hats and safety helmets,” said Kevin. “Your continued commitment to safety has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for being true safety champions, and let’s continue to raise the bar and inspire each other to achieve even greater heights in safety excellence.”

Throughout the meeting, GBI emphasized the fundamental principles that define their commitment to safety. The 12 Life-Saving Commitments, which are integral to the GBI’s safety culture, were reiterated to remind employees of the essential practices that ensure their well-being and that of their colleagues. Additionally, the 5 red flags, which serve as warning signs for potential hazards, were addressed to enhance hazard identification and proactive risk mitigation. By consistently reinforcing these principles, GBI empowers its employees to prioritize safety in all aspects of their work.

To conclude the event on a high note, employees were treated to a lunch and raffle. This provided a well-deserved break and added an element of celebration and camaraderie to the gathering. It was a fitting conclusion to a day that emphasized safety, learning, and recognition of the invaluable contributions made by the employees of GBI.


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