Emergency Response

Emergency Response

GBI profoundly values the welfare of the communities we serve; their needs remain at the heart of our operations, especially during times of crisis. Our commitment is unwavering in Hawaii, where our communities frequently rely on single points of highway access, delicate underground utility systems, and vast areas of land susceptible to wildfires. GBI boasts a rich history of proactive support to government agencies in preserving crucial infrastructure or expediting the restoration of services when needed.

In those exceptional instances where shoreline erosion endangers highways or when wildland fires pose a menace to communities, GBI’s response is immediate and unwavering. We act swiftly upon the first call, with no hesitation tied to administrative concerns.

As an integral part of the communities in which we operate, we perceive our responsibilities as far more than merely corporate. Our team members live, work, and raise their families here; their dedication to community welfare is deeply ingrained and fully supported by our company ethos.

This commitment, especially in emergency situations, is not just a mission—it’s our way of life.

The following GBI Emergency Response Qualifications underscore our recent emergency response efforts in collaboration with local agencies, reflecting our consistent commitment to community safety and well-being.