Investing in Technology


The Cutting Edge

Better technology means less required manpower. By utilizing Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), we significantly improve the predictability, production and flexibility of every project. As a result, job starts, and job cycles are completed with unprecedented efficiency, reduced rework and lower operating costs.

By setting these standards, rather than simply meeting them, we will continue to pass on savings to our clients well into the future.

GNSS Guided Technology

Goodfellow Bros. has been at the forefront of adopting innovative technology. In 2004, GBI made its initial investment in GNSS equipment that gives us the ability to bring design plans to life on a construction site.

The benefit and value of the technology was quickly realized and the decision was made to add GNSS technology to our heavy machinery. Once in place, the application of machine guidance rapidly spread throughout the fleet and has become an integral part of daily operations.

GPS Technology

“Our industry is a people business. Technology in service to people can help make jobs safer, and more efficient.  It also allows the ability to analyze real-time data and adjust operations to help us better serve our customers.”

~ Chad Goodfellow, CEO

Modeling the Future

GBI’s software solutions allow us to turn a standard set of blueprints into a 3-D model, which can then be utilized by our GNSS guided equipment.

Our capabilities allow us to catch potential design conflicts before a project even starts. Catching problems early in the design phase allows for instantaneous solutions while keeping schedules on track.

Modeling the Future

Investing In Our People

Technology is paramount when precision and accuracy are needed to make a project a success. But, nothing is more important than the safety of our crews. When we invest in our technology we are also investing in our people. GBI utilizes Zonar, a comprehensive fleet management system, which enables our equipment operators to closely monitor equipment in real-time and allows our crews to make jobs safer and more efficient.

GBI GPS Technology

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