Safety is our Foundation

Our Number One
Core Value

At GBI, safety is our number one core value. We believe every employee has the right to work in a safe environment. As such, we insist on making it a shared, proactive responsibility. We look out for one another no matter where we are, and we expect this same level of attentiveness from our partners, to protect all workers and the public at large.

Superior Safety Performance

We incorporate safety into everything we do, on a daily basis. Employees must complete comprehensive safety orientations, with extensive training in emergency fire and medical procedures, hazard communication, blasting technologies, personal protective equipment use, proper lifting techniques, and more.

Walk into any office or on any jobsite, and you’ll see our “12 Lifesaving Commitments” pledge as a constant reminder of the promise we make to one another, each and every day, to work safely.

Safety Performance

The Tenants of Our Safety Culture

We protect ourselves and others to honor the people that love us.

We take the time to learn and support our safety programs.

We know that if we see a hazard, we have the responsibility to correct it.

We believe a safe work environment is a right for all employees.

We provide the best medical care and help so every injured employee can get healthy as quickly as possible.

Latest Safety Awards

General Contractors Association of Hawaii logo
2023 GCA Safety Award - Best in Category and Zero Incident Rate
General Contractors Association of Hawaii
UCON R.E.A.L Safety Award
UCON R.E.A.L Safety Award 2021
United Contractors
Gold Shovel Standard®
Gold Shovel Standard®
Gold Shovel Standard (GSS)

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